Australia / New Zealand

Trimester in Australia or New Zealand

This program differs from the previous ones because it is done during the three summer months (from the end of June until early September) and the main objective is to improve their English and enjoy an enriching cultural experience as exciting as our Australia or New Zealand destinations.

These countries, because of its geographical location and climate, have a very different school calendar; the course starts in February (after summer vacation) and ends in early December. For this reason, doing an academic year in these countries is incompatible for international students.

The British American Institute, in collaboration with Australian and New Zealand public schools, offers students the opportunity to join the school in their summer months, and live with a local family.

Since the objective of the stay is not academic, students can choose the subjects that are of interest and participate in all the activities proposed by the school.

The department of international students has a special program for them with excursions and weekend activities.

Jose Maria is really happy there. He has adapted perfectly to his family and, if he didn’t have to come back, I think he’d be there another year if it weren’t for how cold it is in Wisconsin.

I’d like to thank and congratulate the whole school for their level of organization and how much they’ve helped us.

MotherSchool Year in the USA

My experience with the J1 program was great: I studied in a typical American High School –a place where I had always dreamed of studying– and I lived with a magnificent family that I’ll always be a part of, while also making lifelong friends. What was the best thing about my year there? I couldn’t say for sure, but I have a lot of memories that nobody will ever be able to take away from me, and people who I’ll always be able to count on! The worst thing? Not being able to have all my family and friends in the same country.

StudentSchool Year in the USA

My daughter Paula was able to enjoy the privilege of studying in the USA for a whole school year thanks to the J1 program that BAI put together for us. It was a marvelous experience all around in terms of staff, academics, and coming back with an advanced level of English. She’s made some great friends and learned a lot about the American way of life. BAI helped us to feel secure and acted professionally throughout the entire experience – an experience that is not easy at first. We’re going to try the same program with our son Ignacio.

MotherSchool Year in the USA

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