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The high school program in Ireland is recommended for students who want to perfect their English by means of a linguistic and social immersion in the Irish lifestyle. Ireland is the perfect choice because the Irish share a very similar character with the Spanish: they are known to be both outgoing and very friendly.

In addition, the Irish education system is recognized by the Ministry of Education and Culture as equivalent to the Spanish, therefore easily and perfectly validated upon returning.

Finally, if we consider geographical proximity, Ireland is an ideal option for younger students and for those who have not had previous experience abroad.

The program takes place in different areas in Ireland such as Dublin or Cork or other smaller towns. Students are distributed based on their profile, their course of choice, the subjects chosen or preferences in extracurricular activities.

This destination offers different combinations depending on the type of school and / or accommodation:

Public school

& host family

This high school program was developed in collaboration with subsidized schools and states recognized by the Irish Ministry of Education schools, each offering a high quality education and a variety of extracurricular activities.

Irish host families are carefully chosen by our coordinators, keeping in mind the needs and interests of each student.

The students, with their parents, must fill out a form with their expectations of the host family, in order to find a suitably matched host family which is key to both the adaptation and welfare of the student.

Private school

& host family

This program is developed in the same way as the above program, with the only difference being that in this case the school is privately owned. The accommodation follows the same system as the program described above.

These schools have excellent facilities, are located in urban centers and have a good reputation and academic prestige.

Boarding school

This program differs from the previous one because of the type of accommodation. The personal and academic life of the student develops in the center, the student lives with their classmates at boarding school.

Irish boarding schools offer continued support from teachers and tutors. There are specific hours of study required, tutorials and a variety of sports and activities outside school hours.

These boarding schools have very limited spaces, so early registration and enrollment is recommended.

Jose Maria is really happy there. He has adapted perfectly to his family and, if he didn’t have to come back, I think he’d be there another year if it weren’t for how cold it is in Wisconsin.

I’d like to thank and congratulate the whole school for their level of organization and how much they’ve helped us.

MotherSchool Year in the USA

My experience with the J1 program was great: I studied in a typical American High School –a place where I had always dreamed of studying– and I lived with a magnificent family that I’ll always be a part of, while also making lifelong friends. What was the best thing about my year there? I couldn’t say for sure, but I have a lot of memories that nobody will ever be able to take away from me, and people who I’ll always be able to count on! The worst thing? Not being able to have all my family and friends in the same country.

StudentSchool Year in the USA

My daughter Paula was able to enjoy the privilege of studying in the USA for a whole school year thanks to the J1 program that BAI put together for us. It was a marvelous experience all around in terms of staff, academics, and coming back with an advanced level of English. She’s made some great friends and learned a lot about the American way of life. BAI helped us to feel secure and acted professionally throughout the entire experience – an experience that is not easy at first. We’re going to try the same program with our son Ignacio.

MotherSchool Year in the USA

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