Spanish Courses

Our Spanish language program covers a range of courses from general Spanish, Instituto Cervantes (IC) exam preparation (DELE for all levels), and alternative courses for students not interested in taking exams.  The table below shows the levels of our Spanish courses and how these levels correspond to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF).

BAI Adult Level


BegginerMCER A-1
Begginer 2MCER A-1/A-2
DELE Begginer (IC)
IntermediateMCER B-1
IntermediateMCER B-1/B-2
DELE Intermediate (IC)
AdvancedMCER B-2
SuperiorMCER C-1/C-2
DELE Superior (IC)

Beginner: (Equivalent to CEF A1 level)

This course helps students to start building their vocabulary and teaches them some basic structures so that they can communicate in everyday situations. Students will learn how to give information about themselves, their family, their job; explain daily routines; and how to do things like book a hotel room, order food in a restaurant and give simple directions.

Grammar structures include present simplepast simple, and present continuous.

Les estructures gramaticals que es treballen són: els principals temps d’indicatiu, ser i estar; hi ha, està(n) i alguns reflexius.

Beginner 2  (Equivalent to CEF A1/A2 level)

We work on advancing students’ vocabulary and grammar, and on developing self-confidence, through lots of speaking and listening practice. When people speak to students now in Spanish they will be able to understand more and more. Students can now talk about things that happened in the past and their future plans.

The grammatical structures taught are: verbal tenses –all of indicativo, the presente de subjuntivo, reflexive and pronominal verbs; impersonal forms and periphrasis; ser and estarhayestá(n).

Intermediate: (Equivalent to CEF B1 level)

This level solidifies students’ basic grammar and focuses on improving vocabulary and pronunciation. Students will have more of a grammatical range and more of the words you need to express themselves confidently in Spanish and to understand others when they speak.

Students will acquire the following grammar competences:

  • subject-verb-complement (atributo/complemento predicativo) concordance
  • concordance of the verb with different grammatical persons
  • sentences without an explicit subject
  • usual interjections to react in different situations
  • affirmative and negative coordination between sentences
  • adjective subordinates (subordinadas adjetivas especificativas)
  • noun subordinates referring to present and future
  • adverb subordinates in indicativo and subjuntivo
  • relevant aspects of gender and number; indeterminate/determinate article
  • possessives; demonstratives; indefinites; numerals
  • presente de indicativo; past tenses; future; condicional simplesubjuntivo (simple and subordinate sentences referring to the present and the future).
  • tense correlation; affirmative and negative imperative; non personal forms; verb periphrasis
  • expansion of the use of “gustar”, “dar pena”, “dar rabia”, “poner nervioso”, “sorprender”, “preocupar
  • contrast ser/estar; time, place, manner, quantity adverbs
  • adverbial phrases (locuciones adverbiales); adverb gradation
  • conjunctions and conjunctive phrases (locuciones conjuntivas)
  • prepositions and prepositional phrases (locuciones prepositivas).

Intermediate 2:  (Equivalent to CEF B1-B2 level)

Students consolidate what they have learned at the Intermediate level and continue to work on the four basic skills: speaking, reading, writing and listening. Grammatical structures students needed for the DELE Intermediate Exam this year or the next are covered in-depth.

These structures and vocabulary are consolidated with activities and speaking practice in class. Listenings get longer and more complex but so do students abilities to comprehend them.

Advanced: (Equivalent to CEF B2 level)

This course is designed for students willing to reinforce their knowledge and learn new ways to express themselves in Spanish. The classes focus in equal parts on the general competence (socio-cultural knowledge), communicative competence (language competences: vocabulary and meaning, grammar, discourse, pronunciation and spelling), and sociolinguistic and pragmatic competence.

Superior: (Equivalent to CEF C1-C2 levels)

The objective of this course is for students to reach the level required for DELE Superior examination. As this again is an examination class, students are expected to work especially hard both in and outside the classroom. Writing and speaking are the two main focuses of classes.

Practice tests are given well before each official exam period (May and November; sometimes there being an special exam in August) to decide if students are prepared to take the exam.

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