10-16 YEARS

We believe children learn most effectively when they are happy, engaged, and involved in their own learning. Most importantly, we prepare students for life in a world where English is used for study, work and entertainment. They will learn how to communicate in English in real life situations.

Regular communication between teacher and parents allows you to check your child’s progress and teachers are always available to discuss your child´s learning. Continuous evaluation is done throughout the course through quizzes and exams and progress reports are sent out three times a year. Our team of teachers are experienced, highly qualified, native level speakers, involved in continuous training to make sure that your child receives the best in current English language education.

At each level, students work on progressively more challenging grammar and vocabulary, and at the same time improve their reading, writing, listening and, above all, develop fluency and accuracy in speaking skills—learning to speak English with increased confidence. In addition to classes, homework is given every week and there are regular quizzes and exams.

  • Maximum class size of 14 students.
  • Newly equipped classrooms with laptops, projectors, online digital books.
  • Introduction to study skills and strategies to help prepare students for official Cambridge exams.
  • Newly designed curriculum that incorporates both individual and group project work that changes each trimester. Projects are designed based on student books, levels, and most importantly the students´ interests.


Mon / Wed 17:40 – 19:05h / 19:10 – 20:35h
Tue / Thu 17:40 – 19:05h / 19:10 – 20:35h
Fri 15:00 – 18:00h

How do I know my level?

Prospective students are given a both written and oral exam. Students are placed in the level that corresponds to their knowledge of the language, always with the objective of studying levels which are more advanced than those they are studying in school. Courses include preparation for the University of Cambridge Exams – First, Advanced and Proficiency.


I really like this academy’s human side. They pay a lot of attention to the students in all senses.

MotherJunior English

In terms of language learning, it’s a good academy that provides a lot of individual attention because the groups are small, and that makes them able to better work with the students.

MotherJunior English

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