PRE JUNIOR 1 (6-7 years) & PRE JUNIOR 2 (8-9 years)

Our courses are specially designed to spark children´s interest with English as well as to help them feel comfortable and confident with language learning. Continuous evaluation is done throughout the course through progress reports that are sent out three times a year, as well as through regular communication between teachers and parents

Our team of teachers are made up of experienced, highly qualified, native level speakers, involved in continuous training to make sure that your child receives the best in current English language education. The emphasis in our pre-junior program is to engage students with their first experience in an English classroom by introducing vocabulary, basic expressions, and simple verb tenses and structures. Children will learn to communicate naturally in English alongside their teacher and their classmates in a creative and enjoyable environment.

The materials students work with has been created by our team (keeping in mind their ages, interests and level). Each month, students will receive a new “booklet” that explores a new topic and the grammar and vocabulary is carefully designed to reflect each month´s topic. Activities last between 5 and 10 minutes so that students remain engaged throughout the lesson.

  • Maximum class size of 10 students.
  • Newly equipped classrooms with laptops and projectors.
  • Development of language skills through:
    • student booklets (created by us)
    • support materials
    • stories
    • games
    • songs
    • short presentations and plays


Mon / Wed 17:45 – 18:45h
Tue / Thu 17:45 – 18:45h

How do I know my level?

Students will be placed in these levels based on age, unless a student exhibits superior or inferior knowledge to the established level. Extra activities and variations of activities are integrated in each lesson to cater to the different rhythms of students. This way, we are able to have a mixed age group that will run smoothly and allow students to work together.


Our children are happy with their teachers and the staff in reception and they always go to class eagerly.

FatherPre-Junior English

A lot of us parents consider BAI school to be a family school where we know that our children will be ok and will learn English in small groups – two things that, we think, will make it easier for them to learn. That family atmosphere also makes it easier for the families and school to communicate with each other, and that’s really something that is quite welcomed.

FatherPre-Junior English

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