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The need for company personnel to communicate effectively in English or other second languages is increasing almost daily. Good language training entails first defining individual and company needs and then addressing those needs through effective teaching—teaching which is both motivating and enjoyable for learners, yet demanding so that specific goals may be reached.

At the British American Institute we have been dealing with the language needs of companies of all types and sizes for twenty-five years. Our teachers are highly qualified native-speakers with years of teaching experience and use the most up-to-date concepts in business language learning to make classes effective and interesting.

Finally, our centre offers the possibility of obtaining subsidized classes for your business.


Classes are tailor-made to client’s needs, so no two classes will be alike. But our methodology remains constant: we offer interesting and varied class activities in all four skill areas (speaking, reading, listening, writing), emphasizing specific areas according to the learner’s particular needs.

We stress students learning to communicate in a relaxed and natural way, giving learners the necessary building blocks to reach their language acquisition goals.

Monitoring Students’ Progress

Learners are carefully monitored by a means of continuous assessment by their teachers and feedback given to department coordinators at periodic meetings. This oversight and coordination permits programmes to be adapted and content adjusted as the situation requires.

Regular reports are compiled based on an evaluation of each student’s progress, his or her participation in class, and their attendance record.


  • English
  • Catalan
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Italian


  • Individual or group
  • Classes designed to suit individual and company needs
  • On site or at our centre
  • Flexibility in timetables and course duration
  • Continuous evaluation and written reports on each student
  • All levels
  • Preparation for official exams (Cambridge, BEC, TOEFL, etc.)
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